Historic Partnership Forges as iME and Reigate Priory FC Join Hands

Reigate Priory FC, with a storied history tracing all the way back to 1870, is embarking on an exciting journey into the future through a groundbreaking partnership with iME, a cutting-
edge video interview technology company.

iME, headquartered in the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom, is at the forefront of innovative video interview technology. With partners spanning South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, iME has been a pioneer in revolutionising the technology across Awards, Recruitment, Marketing and Learning, with sports, being an important strategic driver in iME’s market strategy.

Now, in a landmark move, Reigate Priory FC is joining forces with iME to embrace the future of football and technology. This partnership symbolises the convergence of the past with the future. Reigate Priory FC’s deep-rooted history meets iME’s state-of-the-art video interview technology to usher in a new era of football engagement, and fan interaction.

Together, Reigate Priory FC and iME are set to redefine the boundaries of football, and their alliance promises to be an exciting journey for fans, players, and the sporting world at large.

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