In The Spotlight: Jude O’Conner

Jude O’Conner

Age: 21

Position: Left Winger/Forward

Previous Clubs: Reigate FC, Brockham Badgers, South Park

Signed For Priory: 2022/23

Favourite Team: Liverpool

Favourite Priory Player(s): Harry Joyles and Sid Parsons

All Time Priory Legend: James Waller

“Pre-game routine? Listen to Paul Hayter’s horrendous Love Island tunes”

Pre-game Routine: Get a good parking space and listen to Paul Hayter’s horrendous Love Island tunes

Post-game Routine: Blue Anchor in Reigate (most likely see Webby there as well)

Preferred Shirt Number: Ten

Favourite Meal: Chicken Fajitas

Favourite Drink: Estrella (any Spanish larger)

Plays Like: Grealish (I wish)

One Thing No One Knows About You: This is my first season as an attacker. I had been a defensive midfielder for most of my life.

Name Three People You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck In A Lift With For Two Hours: Lionel Messi (with google translate), Jurgen Klopp and Ana de Armas haha.

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