In The Spotlight: Mikey Bradley

Mikey Bradley

Age: 33

Position: Inside Forward

Previous Clubs: South Park A, Nutfield FC (Invincible Season), Reigate Hill

Signed For Priory: 2022/23

Favourite Team: Chelsea

Favourite Priory Player: Michael ‘Wagwan’ Walker

“Preferred shirt? This season, 12, it’s the only top that fits me!”

All Time Priory Legend: Michael ‘Best Roofer’ Walker

Pre-game Routine: Work, Cafe – eggs on toast and porridge, C4 pre workout

Post-game Routine: Coupla beers

Preferred Shirt Number: This season number 12, as the only top that fits me! Normally 11 though.

Favourite Meal: Shepherd’s pie with loads of gravy and pepper

Favourite Drink: Who don’t love a moretti

Plays Like: Rashford / Sterling

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